Posted 2 weeks ago

*zombie chris333 rises from his grave* haha sorry there hasn’t been to much in terms of updates around here but here are some fire emblem awakening wallpapers!


and their awesome/cute/funny art got me back into fire emblem (thank you so much for that btw if you see this) so I wanted to make some wallpaper to use and share

Posted 2 months ago

something I made for my comic Monster Hearts 2 being that it’s valentines day and all

Posted 3 months ago


Now time for the Blog Characters.

sassy Leah is best Leah (also she looks super cute in this art style!)

Posted 3 months ago


Request for chris333 on tumblr! His holstaurus character Leah! Just a sketch this time!

Sorry if the hands look odd, wanted to do some hand pose practice!

wow thank you so much! it looks amazing!

Posted 3 months ago

some bases of a few monster girl OCs I’ve made

Posted 3 months ago

a Christmas pic I did for my fan adventure Monster hearts

I know it’s a bit late but I didn’t have power for 4 days

all in all it came out pretty good I think

Posted 5 months ago

two of my ocs Adicus and Raissa right before their first night together

oh how time flies…..

Posted 5 months ago

I was making a new monster girl  and I decided on a few pallets I found

I couldn’t really decide which I liked the most so I thought I’d let my followers decide (or if there’s something to change too)

Posted 6 months ago

I made some spooky cinnabunny fan art!

around halloween she really should be careful of the ………

Cinnamon Ghosts! and maybe a rouge hungry ghost

(drag to reveal)

Posted 6 months ago

I tried doing something a bit different with these, instead of the usual HS sprites I used a queen sprite I found online